Manitoba Insulated Concrete Construction

ICF Construction provides a group of high quality,time tested, long term products for your home or business.

Building your home is a long term investment in time, energy, money and emotions. Located here in southern Manitoba, Canada, we understand the wrath of Mother Nature. Southern Manitoba is in a flood zone with the Red River flowing north from the Dakotas. Winter temperatures can go as low as  -40C with wind chills that make it feel like -50/60C. Summers can hit near +40C with 95% humidity creating elevated temperatures that feel like +45C or more. Windstorms & tornadoes are also common in this part of the country. Our goals and values are the same as yours. Building your home with quality products provide you with comfort, safety, and energy savings whether you live in the coldest or the hottest of climates. We want your home and family to be 'safe and sound' from all extreme weather.
Sealing Your Building's Envelope, 
Reducing Your Energy Costs, 
Building for Comfort, 
Building Green.