Construction Equipment Rentals

ICF Bracing System

Available ONLY in a 50 mile Radius of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 
    Our System is 120" or 10' tall, comes with Strong Backs, Turn Buckles, Guard Rails 
        Customer must supply planks that you need to walk on.
        Plus Rebar pegs that you pound in the ground to securing Bracing Plate to the surface.
                We recommend that use 15 ml rebar that is about 3-4 ft or longer .
                Use 2-3 pieces per plate. If you are going through gravel or have soft ground
                make sure your pegs are longer.
                      Put the rebar in at different angles.
                      Leave 6"-12" above the ground, bend over making a hook.
                      You do not want the Plate to ride up the rebar. 
         Rental Fee as of March 2017 till further notice

                   Customer Pick Up $2.00 / Day / Brace ie $2.00 x 8 days x 30 Braces = $480.00
                   Delivery $4.00 / Day / Brace ie $4.00 x 8 days x 30 Braces = $960.00
                 Please Note: If your payment is NOT ready when we pick up Bracing System
                 there is a $250.00 Chasing Fee Plus Additional Rental Fees Applied.

   How many Braces do you need? 
         Take your Foundations Lineal Feet, the distance around the outside of your walls / by 6 
          If you have lots of corners or 45 degree angles you may want to add a few more Braces. 
           Example: Your Foundation is 58 x 32 Add 58+58+32+32= 180 LF / 6 = 30 Braces 

Deposits are Required

      For more information Email or call our office 204-800-9423 (9icf)